How I See This Passage

How I See This Passage

Heb 13:5-6

5 Don’t be obsessed with getting more material things. Be relaxed with what you have. Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” 6 we can boldly quote,

God is there, ready to help;
I’m fearless no matter what.
Who or what can get to me?

(from THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson. All rights reserved.)


My Worldview

What Comes up Doesn’t Always Come Back Down.

How you view the world affects how you live in it and how you respond to the things that happen while you are in it. A few years ago, while we were in the states, I along with some others friends entered an elevator. As soon the elevator opened its doors we saw that the operator looked very much like a Filipino. When we saw this we immediately asked, “Pinoy ka ba?” He answered “No, I’m Hawaiian!” It was funny how he understood completely what I said while at the same time denying that he was pinoy. You see it was all about his worldview and how he related to it. Regardless of who he really was, he saw himself no longer as a Filipino but as an American.

In the very same way, Jesus was trying to explain to his followers through His teachings in Mathew 5-7 that the walk of faith was dictated by our worldview. How you see the world and the things in it dictates how we walked in faith. We have somehow made it so complicated by valuing the things that really did not matter. Too many Christians today place prime importance on things other things. We have looked at the blessings of God and forgotten the one who gave the blessings. We have placed utmost importance the goals of this world and have forgotten that the true meaning of life lies in the accomplishing the great design that God has for our lives. We have viewed the world and our relation to it based on the values society has and not the ways that God has designed for us to receive our blessings. Jesus viewed the world in an entirely different perspective. As a result the things that matter to the world didn’t seem to matter as much to Him. This allowed Him to untangle Himself from the traps of the world; traps which so easily beset us.

God wants to bless; but we must realize that he has designed the pathway to it. The only way for us to discover it is to view it through His eyes and with his worldview.

Never Fully Satisfied

Never Fully Satisfied


 “Inside the heart of man is a God-shaped vacuum. And man will never be truly happy until man fills that vacuum with God” – Blaise Pascal


SATISFACTION; this is what the world tries to offer.  Strategies are formed, promotions are plugged in and creative teams are hired.  All with the purpose of convincing people that they can give to them the satisfaction they desire. Truly enough however, these people do give us some semblance of satisfaction.  This however is short-lived!


The Bible says a lot of things about contentment.  It challenges us to be content in “whatsoever state we are in”.  It further encourages us to “be thankful” in everything and at all times. In all this, we find at least two facts. The first is that true satisfaction can only come from God and with God. Many people throughout history have found such peace and satisfaction and since then have never been the same.  They have understood that no amount of earthly thing or experience can fill the void of God.  The second fact is where many Christian’s make their biggest mistake.  These people discover that they have found their satisfaction in Christ and yet lead on with their lives trying to fill daily personal, emotional and material fulfillment with earthly things. Admittedly, this world does really offer a lot of nice things.  The problem is that things and experience will never give lasting results.  The truth is that God at times allows us to never be fully satisfied here on earth.  Rather, he allows us to experience shortages, trials, unfulfilled dreams, disappointments and even sicknesses. When we go through things like these, we begin to learn to look to Him and to long for that perfect place called heaven.  Heaven is a place of being fully satisfied.  Heaven is an unimaginable place that man’s very finite mind can never truly comprehend until that one day when it finally finds absolute rest and satisfaction in the midst of it!  It is the place of total satisfaction.  Man was created for heaven and we will never be fully satisfied ‘til we get there.  Have the stormy times got you down?  We’re not home yet. Find your shelter in Him.


Do You See What I See?

Real Prayer

We see life much differently than the way Jesus sees it. We basically see things from a one dimensional-earthly perspective. Though we know that we are not here permanently, we operate every aspect of our lives on a temporal plane. We see our wants with a sense of urgency and yet we view the things that God meant to be important as temporary. So easily we look and value the outward things whereas Jesus looks on the heart. If we could only see what Jesus sees…what a change it would be!

The woman who lived a sinful life saw herself in the way Jesus saw her. She saw herself as one who can have a new beginning with Christ. She didn’t mind what other people thought of her. She saw through the humiliation and rejection and desired the greater thing that Jesus offered. She knew that Jesus was offering her something she’d been looking for all her life…true Love and Forgiveness. She came with an extravagant gift not to impress Jesus BUT THAT SHE COULD LOVE HIM IN EXTRAVAGANTLY. For how could you impress someone with an expensive gift if that someone owned all the world’s riches? How can you impress someone with your power when that someone is the Almighty? And how can you impress someone with great knowledge when He already knows all things? On that day, a mortal impressed an Immortal; the finite caught the attention of that which was infinite and man answered the prayer of God. That day, this woman put a smile on the face of God. She did so not with a gift but with her heart.

She saw what was important to God. She looked at her possessions and saw that the greatest purpose for it would be to love God with it. She saw her life and immediately she understood that it was best if given for the Master’s use. She valued what was important to God and thus, God regarded her and her actions with the greatest value.

If we can only see what Jesus sees, it would change the way we GIVE, LIVE AND LOVE. IN FACT, IT WOULD CHANGE EVERYTHING!