My Worldview

What Comes up Doesn’t Always Come Back Down.

How you view the world affects how you live in it and how you respond to the things that happen while you are in it. A few years ago, while we were in the states, I along with some others friends entered an elevator. As soon the elevator opened its doors we saw that the operator looked very much like a Filipino. When we saw this we immediately asked, “Pinoy ka ba?” He answered “No, I’m Hawaiian!” It was funny how he understood completely what I said while at the same time denying that he was pinoy. You see it was all about his worldview and how he related to it. Regardless of who he really was, he saw himself no longer as a Filipino but as an American.

In the very same way, Jesus was trying to explain to his followers through His teachings in Mathew 5-7 that the walk of faith was dictated by our worldview. How you see the world and the things in it dictates how we walked in faith. We have somehow made it so complicated by valuing the things that really did not matter. Too many Christians today place prime importance on things other things. We have looked at the blessings of God and forgotten the one who gave the blessings. We have placed utmost importance the goals of this world and have forgotten that the true meaning of life lies in the accomplishing the great design that God has for our lives. We have viewed the world and our relation to it based on the values society has and not the ways that God has designed for us to receive our blessings. Jesus viewed the world in an entirely different perspective. As a result the things that matter to the world didn’t seem to matter as much to Him. This allowed Him to untangle Himself from the traps of the world; traps which so easily beset us.

God wants to bless; but we must realize that he has designed the pathway to it. The only way for us to discover it is to view it through His eyes and with his worldview.